March Madness 2014 - Video Super Challenge

When: The Challenge is from March 5th through March 26th; last date videos can be submitted is Wed. Nite, March 26th; one video may be submitted per grade school kid. Videos may be submitted earlier than March 26th, but not later. Family, friends and kids who participate in a group video can submit one video for the entire group (for each grade schooler in the video, that is) and reap the spoils collectively.

 How: Submit a video of you, your family and/or friends. Your video shall be:

§  Bible story reenactment

§  Modern day version of a Bible story

§  Skit/play or story of a Biblical idea

[Videos can be funny, serious, or both]


 The winnings – A Two Hour Pizza/Prize Pack Party:

§  For all grade school kids who participate according to the rules.

§  Pizza/Prize Pack Party details:

·         When - Wednesday evening, April 9th, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM

·         Where – in the Grade School Room

·         How do you get there – Mom or Dad

·         Winner/Invite Announcement – On Wednesday night, April 2 – Official Pizza/Prize Pack Party invites will be handed out, and Winners will be announced

·         The best videos, as determined by the judging panel, will be awarded special prizes – at the Pizza/Prize Pack Party

·         For video submissions, or with questions or concerns – please contact James or Bryan:,


Rules, Regulations and…..Guidelines:

1.       Use anyone or anything you want in your video.

2.       Each grade school kid (currently in the 1st through 5th grade) can be in a maximum of one video.

3.       Each kid in a given video will be eligible for the prize that video wins, should it be a chosen winner.

4.       Each grade schooler who enters the Challenge is only officially entered when the video is submitted (on or before March 26th) and the kid has signed up on the official signup sheet.

5.      Use raw or edited video; special sound and video effects are OK!

6.      Animated [homemade] videos are OK as well.

7.      Maximum video time is 5 minutes! Minimum video time is 30 seconds.

8.      Make sure to list all grade schoolers who participated in your film (on the signup sheet) and submit it to us using one of these two methods:

·         Email – using YouTube or web address link; don’t send actual video files via email.

·         Hand us a DVD video copy or CD with the video file on it.

[Have your parents help you with submitting your video]

9.      The Prize Packs and Pizza Party will be for participating Grade School kids only. Even if you have Harrison Ford in your video (to ostensibly increase your production value), he doesn’t get a prize…. Only grade schoolers do…. Sorry Harry.

10.  Every grade school kid who participates will receive 5 tickets! The winners are eligible for the Prize Packs based on the discretion of the judging panel.

The Children’s Ministry team will be the judging panel:

James and Angela Shields, Bryan and Jen Maurice, Daniel McCleskey, Bekah Wagner.